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    Another Hot Felon Nicknamed "Prison Bae" Just Signed To A Modeling Agency

    Goodbye, Jeremy Meeks. Say hello to Mr. Lucky.

    Oh hello. You probably remember hot af dude Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks.

    He was discovered a couple years ago via his mugshot, and now has a modeling contract, a super rich gf who owns TopShop, and more Instagram followers than God.

    Well, sorry buddy, but Meeks's title of Hottest Hot Felon That Ever Hotted might soon be usurped by this guy, Mekhi Alante Lucky. His nickname? Prison Bae.

    Lucky was arrested in Wake County, North Carolina, last year for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle.

    And yep, he's smokin' hot.

    One of Lucky's special features is that he was born with heterochromia — a rare genetic feature resulting in two different colored eyes.

    It was Lucky's heterochromia that sparked the attention of Damiani O'Bryant, of the Atlanta-based modeling agency St. Claire Modeling.

    Not surprisingly, people are really ~feeling him~.

    @killtomholland / Twitter / Via Twitter: @killtomholland

    O'Bryant says he's now gearing up to bring Lucky to New York Fashion Week.

    And O'Bryant wanted to stress that while he might be nicknamed "Prison Bae," Lucky hasn't actually spent any time in federal prison — just the local Wake County jail.

    Either way, we're pretty sure we'll be seeing a whole lot more of him soon.