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All 19 Looks From Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video

So much Ralph Lauren realness.

1. "Resting Bitch Face."

2. "Picture of Dorian Tay."

3. "High-waisted shyness."

4. "L'Air du Temps."

5. "Ride or die."

6. "Manic pixie dream bike."

7. "Taylor Swift and the Rise of the Silver Surfer."

8. "Yes, this is what I wear to walk the dogs."

9. "My painting smock."

10. "Oh this old piece of garbage water?"

11. "Now, with special unenthusiastic cat accessory."

12. "Formal dinner at Tay's house."

13. "Made for tree humping."

14. "Miniskirt of destruction."

15. "Tay-tay in the Garden of Eden."

16. "My balcony outfit."

17. "My clothes-shredding outfit."

18. "Now are the culottes of our discontent."

19. "The one that really reflects my inner crazy."

Watch the whole amazing video here:

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