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    A Grown Man Was A "Flower Girl" At His Friend's Wedding And It Was Adorable

    Flower power.

    Say hello to Patrick Casey. He runs his own public relations firm and lives in Appleton, Wisconsin.

    Patrick Casey

    Growing up, Casey was super close to his cousin Andria. Below is the two of them as ring bearer and flower girl in a wedding when they were kids.

    Sally and Tom / Via Patrick Casey

    So when she decided to get married, she wanted to include him in the ceremony. Cut to Casey being the MOST EPIC FLOWER MAN EVER.

    Erin Moore Photo / Via

    Yep, that's right. As an homage to the wedding the two were in together as children, Casey offered to do the traditional flower-girl honors.

    Erin Moore Photo / Via

    He even carried the same basket Andria carried when she was a flower girl 20 years earlier.

    Michael / Via Patrick Casey

    Casey concedes his role may have surprised some, "but I'm pretty sure they were won over when I got to the end of the aisle and then proceeded to pull out flowers I had stocked in my pants' pockets and did a LeBron powder toss with them," he told BuzzFeed. "There was an ovation."

    Ethan Klouthis / Via Patrick Casey

    Plus, the bride and groom loved it.

    Erin Moore Photo / Via

    "They FULLY encouraged me to do all of this. I would have never done anything to take attention away from them if they didn't want me to," he said.

    Besides, who wouldn't want a little laughter on their wedding day?

    Michael / Via Patrick Casey

    Casey's also more than happy to render his flower-man services for other weddings, if required.

    Erin Moore Photo / Via

    "I'd argue that commemorating the (likely) most important day of your life up until that point with some levity is a good thing!" said Casey. "I SUPPOSE it's also possible (if extremely unlikely) that there are usually many children up for the job who are a lot cuter than me."

    You can watch Patrick's entire flower-man procession here:

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