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A Grown Man Was A "Flower Girl" At His Friend's Wedding And It Was Adorable

Flower power.

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Casey concedes his role may have surprised some, "but I'm pretty sure they were won over when I got to the end of the aisle and then proceeded to pull out flowers I had stocked in my pants' pockets and did a LeBron powder toss with them," he told BuzzFeed. "There was an ovation."

Casey's also more than happy to render his flower-man services for other weddings, if required.

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"I'd argue that commemorating the (likely) most important day of your life up until that point with some levity is a good thing!" said Casey. "I SUPPOSE it's also possible (if extremely unlikely) that there are usually many children up for the job who are a lot cuter than me."

You can watch Patrick's entire flower-man procession here:

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