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    Here's The Donald Trump–Inspired Makeup Tutorial That Will Make Your Face Great Again

    And yep, it involves Cheetos dust.

    Donald Trump: Republican presidential candidate icon?

    Actress Tess Paras has created the latest MUST-HAVE beauty lewk. It's called TRUMPING and it is terrifying.

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    Paras, who's currently on the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, explains that the first step is picking a concealer "about 10 shades lighter than your skin tone."

    The next stage in your Trump-over is picking the proper shade of orange.

    Pause for Trump face.

    The final touch? A light smattering of Cheetos dust.


    But don't forget to apply your goggles first.

    Paras told BuzzFeed she made the video because "if it's easy for all of us to criticize a woman for her precision of her eyeliner, we can make the effort to hold a mirror up to Donald Trump for his actions."

    Good luck, and make your face great again, America!