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    A Bride Surprised Her BFF With A Proposal At Her Own Wedding And It's Adorable

    Friendship goals.

    This is Jess Nakrayko (on the right) and her BFF Jessica Kieley.

    In April, Nakrayko married her longtime boyfriend, James, at a beautiful wedding in Jamaica. But Nakrayko didn't want to make the wedding all about herself.

    So she conspired with Kieley's boyfriend, Adam, to plan an unforgettable proposal — at her own wedding.

    I know what you're thinking: SAY WHAT?


    Nakrayko told BuzzFeed that Adam "was very apprehensive at first. He didn't want to 'take away' from our wedding."

    But Nakrayko and her sister came up with a foolproof plan: When Nakrayko was about to do the traditional bouquet toss, she would instead walk up to Kieley and hand her the bouquet and Adam would be right there behind her, ready to propose.

    Nakrayko's husband-to-be was also down with the proposal plan. "He thought it was an awesome idea!" she said. "He knew Jessica would be completely shocked and happy so he was all for it. He is a very loving and generous person so I knew he wouldn't mind either."

    It took a second to get Adam on board: "I could tell he was super nervous about it," Nakrayko said. "He didn't want to steal our thunder or ruin our wedding, which obviously he would not."

    "She's my best friend, and bridesmaid — she deserved a big thank you for everything she had done for me, so it was a way to show her how grateful I was, by sharing my day with her," she continued.

    When the big moment came, you better believe there were lots of happy tears.

    Did she say yes? HELL YEAH SHE DID!

    "We laugh because we call each other 'my person'... like Meredith and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy. So it honestly wasn't a big deal to share my day."