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    A Metal Band Crashed A Couple's Engagement Shoot And It's So Perfect

    Metal AF.

    Say hello to John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez. The Orange County, California couple were in Holy Jim Canyon last week having engagement photos taken with photographer Janet Wheeland when they ran into a reeaaaaaallly unexpected sight.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    No, not a deer or a even a bear. A FRIGGIN' METAL BAND.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    This is Coldvoid, a band whose website says they enjoy "delving into the depths of the unknown in this world of chaos." K.

    It turns out the local black metal group was in the midst of doing their own photoshoot, inspired by the full moon. Wheeland spotted the band and beckoned them over to her engagement shoot with Awesome and Hernandez, and the result was, well, EPIC.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    Has a very Evil Dead feel, no?

    "When you run into a black metal band in the woods during your engagement session you ask them to join in," photographer Janet Wheeland told BuzzFeed.

    Wheeland even did a special mini-shoot with the band.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    "It was a completely random encounter," 'Dysmal' from Coldvoid told BuzzFeed. "We were there taking photos for our band and our drummer Zack's girlfriend took our photos. The couple approached us with their photographer and we chatted for a bit, and then they asked to take a photo and we were happy to do it."

    As it turns out, groom John Awesome used to be in a metal band, so it was kind of destiny that the band happened to be there.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    "Awesome even said 'I wish those guys were with us for our whole photoshoot,'" recalled Wheeland. "It was a perfect, spontaneous finale. We couldn't have planned it better."

    The band seemed to have enjoyed the shoot, too. They've made their photo with Awesome and Hernandez their Facebook profile photo.

    Of course, the couple's engagement shoot wasn't entirely black metal band-dominated. Awesome and Hernandez ALSO had a Forrest Gump-themed shoot earlier in the day.

    Wheeland Photography / Via

    Life IS like a box of black metal chocolates.