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9 Tricks To Look Good When You've Got A Gross Cold

Because you're a disgusting snot monster, but nobody has to know.

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1. Go for waterproof mascara.


Your eyes will water so much! So much! Especially if you bend over, or look side to side, or move your head at all. Your best bet is wearing nothing on your eyes at all, but if you must, waterproof mascara will save you from looking like a human panda bear.

Try: Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Waterproof Mascara ($8.99)

2. Try a moisture-rich lip-balm.

You're gonna be blowing your nose about 4,505,345 times a day, and you don't want to be having to worry about whether this'll smear your lipstick (most lipsticks will just further dry your lips out, FYI). Plus, your lips are likely mega-chapped because you've turned into a gross mouth-breather, no? Balm—especially one with SPF protection—will keep them in shape. If you crave color, go for a tinted balm.

Try: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($22.50) or eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere ($2.99)


5. Skip foundation, and try BB Cream instead.

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Are you breaking out like you've never broken out before? Is your skin a roiling landscape of disgusting. pus-filled zits? Foundation will cover them, but may actually compound your skin problems because it's so heavy. Try a lighter BB Cream, which offers moisture, coverage, and SPF protection. And keep your paws off the pimples, mmkay?

Try: Dr. Jart+ Detox Black Label BB Cream ($36) or Garnier Skin Renew Skin Perfector BB Cream ($12.99)

7. Skin oily? Use blotting papers.

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You might be inclined to douse your skin in powder to deal with unwanted oil or shine, but don't (DON'T!). You'll just clog your pores and potentially make your skin worse. Instead, use blotting papers to absorb the excess oil.

Try: Paula's Choice Oil Blotting Papers ($3)


8. De-snot with moisturized tissues.

Your nose is the bane of your existence. Not in sexy Tom Hardy-with-his-arms-around-a-bulldog-crying-way, but in a literal YOUR NOSE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU WAY. Moisturized tissues do help some. Like, a little bit.

Try: Puffs Plus Facial Tissues with Lotion ($8.77)