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    9 Times People Were Actually Murdered By Their Clothes

    Basically everything can kill you, sorry.

    1. Queen Elizabeth wore makeup made out of lead that actually poisoned her. Whoops.

    2. In England in the 1500s, you could be put to death for wearing the wrong feather in your friggin' hat.

    3. During the Georgian era, women's wigs would routinely catch on fire.

    4. During the Victorian era, women would use ARSENIC to clear up their skin.

    5. Corsets were laced so tight they sometimes cut a woman's stomach in half.

    6. Crinolines caused women to constantly fall over and occasionally set themselves on fire.

    7. Men would sometimes choke to death on their detachable collars.

    8. Women used to get deathly ill from dousing their skirts in water.

    9. And finally, the hobble skirt made it nearly impossible for women to walk around.