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    Updated on Oct 9, 2018. Posted on Jul 4, 2014

    51 Impossibly Beautiful Bras For Girls With Small Boobs

    Because good great things come in small packages.

    Mimi Holliday

    Why You’ll Love Them: British designer Mimi Holliday's bras are sweet, feminine and super sexy. They come in a variety of styles, including balconette, triangle, and padded, for girls who want a little extra something up top.

    Sizing: Mimi Holliday starts at 28AA.

    Price Range: $42.24–$242.05


    Why You’ll Love Them: First off, Eberjey makes a tee-shirt bra (pictured, left). Second, their bras offer light support and come in an array of gorgeous colors and patterns.

    Sizing: Eberjey sizing starts at 32A.

    Price Range: $27–$71


    Why You’ll Love Them: Timpa's sheer demi-cup bras are super sexy on small boobs.

    Sizing: 32A–38C.

    Price Range: $36–$55

    For Love & Lemons

    Why You’ll Love Them: For Love & Lemons makes beautiful bras with three-dimensional detail and whimsy.

    Sizing: XS–L

    Price Range: $37–$77

    Hanky Panky

    Why You’ll Love Them: Lace, lace, and more lace!

    Sizing: XS–L. XS is about a 30B.

    Price Range: $27–$52

    The Little Bra Company

    Why You’ll Love Them: The Little Bra makes both padded and non-padded bras aimed at providing the most support to a smaller bustline.

    Sizing: 28A to a 34C.

    Price Range: $36–$55

    Itty Bitty Bra

    Why You'll Love Them: Itty Bitty Bras are designed to minimize puckering and slipping.

    Sizing: 32AA to 38B

    Price Range: $52.50–$62.50


    Why You’ll Love Them: Japanese brand Lilipiache uses French lace, organic cotton, silk, silk satin, and linen to make the most comfortable, sexy bras ever.

    Sizing: 32B to 34B, and sizes XS to L

    Price Range: $66–$105


    Why You’ll Love Them: New Yorker Daphne Javitch couldn't find the perfect cotton undergarments for her tiny frame so she created her own brand. Thankfully, we all benefit!

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $54–$60

    Only Hearts

    Why You’ll Love Them: Everyone loves Only Hearts' youthful and affordable styles. Plus, it's one of the few NYC lingerie brands that still manufactures in the garment district.

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $32–$60


    Why You’ll Love Them: Relique's femme designs have a slightly naughty bondage style.

    Sizing: S–L

    Price Range: $42–$60

    Princesse Tam Tam

    Why You’ll Love Them: Parisian brand Princesse Tam Tam is lacy, soft, and super feminine.

    Sizing: 36A–32C

    Price Range: $45–$60

    Beautiful Bottoms

    Why You’ll Love Them: Check out those sweet bows!

    Sizing: 32B–36DD

    Price Range: $42–$88

    Lula Lu Petites

    Why You’ll Love Them: Lula Lu comes both flattering demi-cup and full-coverage styles.

    Sizing: 32AA to 38AA

    Price Range: $19–$60

    Meg at Midnight

    Why You’ll Love Them: Meg at MIdnight evokes a sexy vintage feel. Plus, look at all that lace!

    Sizing: 32AA–34C

    Price Range:


    Why You’ll Love Them: Scalloped lace, duh!

    Sizing: 30AA–38B

    Price Range: $54–$58

    Free People

    Why You’ll Love Them: Free People carries a wide variety of bras and bralettes in small sizes

    Sizing: 32A–36DD

    Price Range: $20–$96