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46 Tiny Beauty Mishaps That Drive Every Woman Crazy

*Applies red lipstick* *Smudges it* *Goes back to bed*

1. When you accidentally squirt out too much lotion and you don't know what to do with all the friggin' lotion. 

2. When you eat something and your lipstick gets on your chin or your teeth. 

3. When you get a dry shampoo line in your hair. 

4. When you forget you've got eyeliner on and you rub your eye and suddenly you look like a weird panda bear. 

5. When you use up the last of your concealer trying to cover a zit and then it pokes out anyway. 

6. When you overdraw your eyebrows or accidentally color outside your mouth line with your lip liner. 

7. When you slip while applying your mascara and get it all over your face or hands.

8. When you accidentally apply too much blush.

9. When you accidentally get concealer/foundation on your clothes and have to change.

10. When you break off the tip of your eyeliner while trying to put it on. 

11. When you do your eye makeup perfectly but then your allergies set in as soon as you go outside and your eyes start tearing and you ruin the perfection.

12. When your hair sticks to your lip gloss on a windy day.

13. When you get eyeliner on your contacts.

14. When you try to fix your makeup with your finger without realizing that you also have makeup on your finger so you just smear it all over your face like a dummy.

15. When you accidentally step on your expensive foundation and the bottle squirts all. over. the floor.

16. When you invest in some kind of miracle product that is super expensive and then it gives you zits.

17. When your foundation bottle doesn't have a pump so you get too much of it on your hands and it goops all over the opening and is just gross as hell and stresses you out.

18. When you miss a spot while shaving your legs and only realize it when you're wearing a dress out in public.

19. When you fail to adequately blend your bronzer/foundation/whatever well enough and you can see the lines, like, on your chin or whatever.

20. When you use hairspray and it magically lingers as a tiny chemical cloud and you get it in your mouth

21. When your favorite eyeshadow explodes into a million little pieces.

22. When you look at yourself in a picture and realize that your eyeliner wings are not even close to pointing in the same direction.

21. When you perfectly apply red lipstick except for one tiny smudge and then trying to fix the smudge turns into clown mouth and you just give up and go back to bed forever.

22. When you pay to get your nails done like a princess and then mess them up on the way home.

23. When you pluck a hair then realize that hair was the only hair holding your entire eyebrows together, maybe even holding your entire face together, and now that hair is gone and your face is weird.

24. When you get out of the shower and then realize you forgot to wash the conditioner out of your hair.

25. When you paint your toe nails but suddenly need to get up and get something.

26. When you get shampoo in your eyes and can't reach your towel.

27. When the little bristles from your makeup brush (especially if it's a new one) come off on your face/in your eyes and it's so awful. 

28. When the cheap earrings you bought make your ear holes turn green.

29. When you accidentally spray on too much perfume and then you're stressed that everyone around you is unhappy with you all day long.

30. When your last. hair tie. snaps.

31. When your hair gets stuck in your eyelashes when you're doing your mascara and then you get mascara on a few strands of hair and then you get mascara all over your hands when you try to move your hair.

32. When you open your eye before your liquid liner dries and get that annoying line on your upper eyelid.

33. When you paint your nails before going to sleep, and wake up with imprints from your bedsheets on them. *insert rage emoji*

34. When you put on mascara and right away have to sneeze so the mascara goes everywhere.

35. When you scratch your eye and soon realize all that perfectly applied makeup is ruined on one eye.

36. When you aren't paying attention and you curl your hair in the wrong direction and can't get it to look right.

37. When you perfectly apply your eyeliner on one eye and then stuff up the other eye and have to change the other to match and you get increasingly bigger lines on each side and look like a not-so-hot mess.

38. When your brand-new and unreasonably expensive pressed powder flies off the counter and smashes into dust on the bathroom floor.

39. When you realize you've applied one too many layers of mascara and now your lashes look chunky as hell.

40. When you finish a call only to realize your phone screen is now home to all of your foundation and bronzer and the side of your face is a patchy mess.

41. When it takes 5,000 years to dry your hair with a hairdryer and then it just ends up looking like a frizzy mess anyway.

42. When you look at a photo of yourself after a night in lipstick and realize you went way more orange-based then blue because your teeth look weird and slightly yellow

43. When your lips aren't sufficiently moisturized before you apply lipstick and you get those visible creases.

44. When oily eye makeup remover gets on your contacts and you feel all greasy and your vision is foggy.

45. When you're at somebody else's house/not your usual makeup application location and there is TERRIBLE lighting.

46. When you're really excited to try a new product but can't open it and it flies out of your hands and into the toilet.