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43 People Whose Eyebrows Are So Bad They're Actually Works Of Art

Our tweezers salute you.

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2. This hand-drawn princess.

11. This extremely symmetrical woman.

21. This woman who just had to have pink.

23. This fan of right angles.

26. This woman, whose eyebrows are trying to slyly run off the sides of her face.

27. These two, who believe that bigger is definitely better.

28. This woman, who is so over your cynicism.

29. And this lady, who isn't taking any chances.

30. This barely-there beauty.

31. This woman, whose arches contain multitudes.

33. This girl, whose brows aren't speaking with each other.

37. This woman with on-point brows.

38. This fan of squiggly snakes.

39. This woman, manages to convey so many emotions all at once.

40. This major Spock devotee.

41. This woman, who unleashed this large and in charge look.

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