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37 People That Perfectly Capture How Ridiculous Coachella Is

Festival of trife.

1. This living Troll doll.

2. These real-life cowboys.

3. This woman, who's asking a very, very Coachella-appropriate question.

4. This tie-dye-rific couple.

5. These ~terrifying~ masked crusaders.

6. This hipster panda.

7. This heartbreaker.

8. Buzz Lightyear and his fraynz.

9. This guy, who's keeping his sunblock game on lock.

10. This human/dinosaur hybrid.

11. Eric, the human stop sign, and his BFF in inappropriately warm headwear.

12. This guy, who's facing some harsh realizations.

13. These girls, who love a drapey scarf.

14. This mustachioed free spirit.

15. Beck and Kanye West.

16. Stuart, who's getting over his breakup by wearing cliché heart sunglasses.

17. Dominic, the scantily clad panda bear.

18. Brent, who isn't quite sure how to ~spell~ "Coachella."

19. This girl, who apparently lurves Kurt Cobain.

20. This Mean Girls superfan.

21. This, um, ~honest~ lady.

22. This fur-boot follower.

23. Steven, who thinks that he's a dinosaur, and Erica, who thinks she's dating a dinosaur.

24. This v. honest party dude.

25. This humongous bag of Skittles.

26. This be-hatted cuddle ~monster~.

27. This Supreme couple.

28. And this pair of scantily clad bunnies.

29. This girlie posse.

30. And Mr. Watermelon Helmet.

31. "Turn Down for Butt," indeed.

32. These human glowsticks.

33. This beautiful butterfly.

34. This human banana man.

35. This James Franco fanatic and her swirly ponchoed friend.

36. This pink flamingo.

37. And this adorable human lightning bolt.