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36 Awesome Hair Hacks For Every Type Of Hair

Get your hair on point.

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9. Breathe new life into thin, fine hair by simply switching up your part!


Thin hair can quickly fall flat if it's parted the same way every day. By switching up your part you'll get an unexpected volume boost.


13. To prevent having to curl your hair for a million years, try using a small-barreled curling iron and wrapping bigger chunks of hair around it.

It should speed up the interminable process of curling your hair! See more on how to do it here.

14. Okay, so this kind of looks insane, but for a really powerful deep conditioning treatment for thick hair, apply leave-in conditioner to the ends and middle of your damp hair, and then wrap in plastic wrap or tie in a bag.

The bag actually helps to trap the heat, which helps the hair absorb more leave-in conditioner more. But be careful not to leave on for too long — one to three hours is a great amount of time to get all that deep conditioning goodness locked in.

For more info, check out this video.

15. Use a bit of hairspray on your hairbrush before running it through your hair — it'll help keep your hair from poofing up.


23. Apply conditioner to your hair BEFORE you get in the shower, and wear a shower cap.

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Go ahead and wash your body first, and let the heat from the shower provide a nice deep conditioning treatment to your hair. The steam from the shower will help you lock in dat moisture.

24. Protect your curls by sleeping with a pineapple updo.

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Simply put your hair in a high and loose ponytail (that resembles a pineapple) before bed, and it'll help preserve your curls.

29. To get the best blow dry, make sure you've got the hairdryer on low and keep the dryer directed from the top, not the side of your head.

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Holding the nozzle down helps to "train" the hair to stay in the direction it'll be laying.

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