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31 Charts That'll Help You Have The Best Hair Of Your Life

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1. Learn yo' hair history ...

2. ...from blunt bobs to big hair. / Via Charlotte Murray

3. Go to hair school, kinda.

OK, not really at all, but learn some neat stuff.

4. The optimal way to grow out a pixie cut (if you can deal with growing out a pixie cut).

Honestly, growing out a pixie cut is THE WORST.

5. Trying to get the perfect bang? Check out the Zooey D. ratio.

6. Or figure out what works best for your face shape.

7. And the right cut for your face shape, too.

8. Figure out how to not overdo it on the pomade — or anything else.

Too much pomade is the worst.

9. Hair solutions, both thick and thin.

10. Once you get your cut settled, figure out how that hair dye is gonna change your natural color.


11. And also which hue matches your skin tone.

12. And how to care for your hair, no matter the type.

13. Figure out if you reaaaaaalllly need to take that shower.


14. Sort your straighteners.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

15. Make sure you have the right brush for the job.

16. And the right curling iron, too.

17. And then up the ante with these curling iron hijinks.

The Beauty Snoop / Via

18. Here's how to get the best blow out.

19. And then optimize your dry shampoo ~experience~.

20. Buying extensions? Here's what all that length will actually look like on your head.

21. Hey curly girls: Know your curl type!

22. If curl typing isn't your game, try this texture map.

23. Got natural hair? You need these oils like whoa.

24. Dealing with tons of breakage? :( Troubleshoot with this helpful guide.

25. Get your sleep strategy down.

26. Co-wash like a champ.

27. Got curly, frizz-prone hair? Tees work better for towels, promise.

The soft cotton of a tee reduces breakage and frizz after you wash your hair. Just make sure to gently dry, and not twist, your hair.

28. Need more frizz tips? WE GOT YOU BOO.

29. Give your curls a refresher in between washes.

Get the full, easy instructions here.

30. Make sure you're using the right amount of product for curly hair.

It's a bit different than your straight-haired sisters. It's best to put product in when your hair is slightly damp but not dripping wet, btw.


You know you want it.