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    29 Heartbreakingly Misspelled Tattoos

    File under: Terrible, terrible mistakes.

    1. Obviously.

    2. "Dream like your going to live forever."

    3. Right angle? Left angle? Obtuse?

    4. Ouch.

    5. SOOOOO Awsome.

    6. This is what Bieber fever does to you.

    7. Of course not.

    8. So close, but...

    9. You say tommorrow, I say tomorrow.

    10. Dad's what?

    11. Will do.

    12. Maybe he really loves his bowels.

    13. Then your wounds what?

    14. Please, be live.

    15. I don't think that's what you meant.

    16. So true.

    17. Well, it says "prome queen" not "spelling bee champ."

    18. Familey first.

    19. Or, you know, "familly" first.

    20. Tru.

    21. How is babby girl made?

    22. God truly does fudge.

    23. Wait! I mean juge!

    24. WATHEVER happens.

    25. Whatever you say.

    26. And neither is spell-check.

    27. Never lose your positivity.

    28. And always:

    29. After all, maybe grammar is just a state of mind.