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    Mar 25, 2014

    29 Clothing Problems Every Short Girl Has

    #ShortGirlProblems rule everything around me.

    Chris Ritter/Buzzfeed

    1. Finding the perfect miniskirt is a challenge.

    Instead, your "minis" come down to your knees.

    2. Ditto for maxi skirts and dresses.

    Lots of tripping over the hem happening.


    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    3. You could shop in the kid's section, but that doesn't account for boobs


    4. You could also buy your jeans there, but children's jeans don't really have room for grown lady hips.

    5. When you budget for clothes, you always have to factor in an additional $15 or $30 for tailoring.

    Or risk looking like a schlub.

    6. You spend years searching for the man of your dreams: A tailor you can trust.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    7. And then if you move, you have to go through the nightmare process all over again.

    8. Shopping online is impossible.

    The models are always way taller so there's no way to tell how clothes are actually going to look on you.

    9. But shopping in most retail stores offers up a different kind of indignity.


    Asking shopkeepers to get things off the top shelf for you.

    10. Everything is oversized, so you look like a kid playing dress up in her mom's clothes.

    11. That goes double for when you actually have to get dressed up.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    12. Sweaters that are, you know, sweater length on others, are dress length on you.

    13. Ditto for oversized tees.

    14. Trends like extra-wide-legged pants?

    Forget it.

    15. Midi skirts are totally impossible.

    16. And thigh-high boots? Ha!

    No way.

    17. Outerwear never fits.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    When you wear a raincoat, it looks like you're wearing Morpheus's leather duster The Matrix.

    18. Three-quarter length coats hit below the knee on you.

    19. Jacket sleeves are always too long.

    20. Which means they inevitably end up torn.

    21. You've been wearing high heels since forever.

    The plus side? You can walk in them like a pro. The downside? Your toes! Your POOR TOES!

    22. Accessories sometimes overwhelm your small frame.

    HBO / Via

    Though, okay, we can all admit this particular flower is extremely large and in charge.

    23. Tights, even, are often too baggy.

    One size fits all? Not exxxxaaaaaacccctly.

    24. The darts on your dresses never quite line up right.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    25. Your jeans are constantly in your way.

    Keller Jones/Startraksphoto

    26. You step on them, with terrible results.

    Que disastre!

    27. Even leggings can be long and bunch up on you.

    Even dear, sweet leggings will betray you.

    28. You know you should hem your pants, but sometimes you're just like:

    29. And then there's capris.

    Too long to be worn as actual capri length, but too short to be worn like regular pants. SUPER FRUSTRATING.

    But shorties do have the upper hand on some things.

    You can always hem long pants and make them shorter. But you can't make short pants longer.

    You can shop in both the regular and petite sections, too.

    So it's not all bad news!

    So keep your heads up, shorties!

    (And keep your hems out of the puddles. )