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Posted on Jul 14, 2014

28 Sloth Tattoos That Prove How Eternally Amazing Sloths Are

Live slow, die whenever.

1. So you've decided to show your love of sloths in tattoo form. Good move! There are a lot of ways this could go. For example, why not get a musically inclined sloth-to? Like Wu Sloth.

2. Or NOFX sloth, for sloths who never got over pop punk.

3. There are also philosophical sloths, for whom life is a slow, limpid river down which we all pleasantly journey.

4. And sloths who eschew the extrovert lifestyle.

5. This sloth's advice seems sound, if a little dull.

6. And this sloth advises that we all simply "chill."

7. You could also pair your sloth with a pipe.

8. Or turn him into a dapper and dandy gentleman.

9. You could make him into a hilarious shriner.

10. Or a serious sloth totem.

11. Or even a healer sloth wizard.

12. You could get matching sloth lovers.

13. Or take your sloth game up a notch with a debonair sloth in a robe.

14. Here is an Inception-like sloth tattoo of a tattooed sloth.

15. This bashful sloth is just a tad bit shy.

16. This little guy is hanging on for dear life!

Summer Anne Burton

17. But this guy? He is super serious business.

18. Have you gotten your daily allotted cup-o-sloth?

19. Did you meet this totally bad-ass trucker hat-wearing sloth?

20. And his sailor BFF?

21. This sloth that's happily hidden in this woman's hair.

22. While this grandpa sloth skeptically looks on.

23. This flower-loving sloth is a romantic at heart.

24. But this naughty sloth is having none of it.

25. Delinquent sloth is really embarrassing his family.

26. But this lover is just going to ignore the bad behavior.

27. Skater sloth is all "skate or die."

28. Fancy sloth? Oh hell yes.