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27 Cats And Dogs Who Are Really Bummed About Their New Haircuts

Oh, the furmanity.

1. Quite frankly, Tony is still in shock.

2. Winston would rather not talk about it, thanks.

3. Mr. Yoshi is questioning why he decided to follow the latest trends.

4. Neko is seriously pissed about how big her butt looks in the mirror.

5. Chief Tofu is really questioning a lot of his recent choices.

6. Jeff is going to his "special" place, just like he practiced with his therapist.

7. Carl misses the wind rushing through his fur.

8. Beastie is silently plotting his revenge.

9. Daisy wishes everyone would stop mistaking her for Batman.

10. King Louie's begun irrationally taking it out on the foliage.

11. Bae is disappointed you have to see him like this.

12. Charlie is still processing what's happened to him.

13. Bruce is reciting the serenity prayer almost hourly.

14. Goober has taken to deep, dreamless sleeps, hoping it will all just go away.

15. Franklin watches his proud cousins on the telly, wondering where it all went wrong.

16. Princess Rajah looks in askance to her hirsute companion Mr. Buttersby. He offers no soft words of reassurance.

17. Ever since his tragic haircut, Bobby's drinking has gotten out of control.

18. Bruno is like, "fuck modesty, what even is the point?"

19. "My humans make no sense," says Mindy.

20. "Close your eyes for a second," warns Clyde, "and my boots will pounce on you."

21. Princess Priscilla finds the whole thing boring.

22. Ever since the shave, Alistair doesn't even care if his team wins anymore.

23. Germaine is afraid there's no way she'll catch a mouse like this.

24. And Bobby has sought comfort in unsavory bedfellows.

25. Elliott continues to hide his head in shame, unable to eat the merest morsles of kibble

26. It's a good thing the summer haircut comes but once (or twice) a year, thinks Penelope.

27. Because this is really, really, embarrassing.
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