26 Impossibly Cool Anthropologie Knockoffs You're Gonna Want To Make Right Now

    Get that shabby chic Anthro look at a fraction of the price.

    1. Anthropologie Felted Owl Wreath, $34

    2. Make yourself this cool table for literally A FRACTION of what it actually costs at Anthro.

    3. This giraffe trinket dish costs $16.99 at Anthro, but you can make it for half that at home.

    4. Sure, you could buy those Anthro hairties on the left for $24. Or you could make your own for way, way less.

    5. The Anthro necklace on the left is $88. The version on the right can be made for less than $20.

    6. Buy a terrarium for $158 at Anthro or make your own cool ass one at home.

    7. Adorn yourself in ribbons.

    8. Make the most perfect lace-trim dress.

    9. These polka-dotted jeans are pretty cute.

    10. The heart pillow on the left costs $198. That's a big nope. Just make your own.

    11. Keep it twee in tulle.

    12. Pom Pom push pins for $15 on the left? Or make them yourself.

    13. These bud vases go for $28 at Anthro.

    14. Buy 'em at Anthro for $48 or make your own for $2, your choice.

    15. Fashion the world in your image.

    16. Stare at your beautiful face in this beautiful mirror.

    17. Serve your salad the fancy way.

    18. This Pomdeline Bouquet is $18. Or you could make your own.

    19. Keep on top of your keys with this cool keychain.

    20. This DIY colored brilliance bowl keeps things bright and charming.

    21. Create some cool coasters.

    22. So frickin' cool!

    23. Add some sparkle to your hair.

    24. Make a pretty planter for your plants.

    25. See your name, or at least your initial, up in lights.

    26. Add some sparkle to your ears.