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24 Awesome Regional Snacks That Everybody Should Try Once


1. Big Red Soda — Texas

2. Garrett Popcorn — Chicago, Illinois

3. Old Bay seasoning everything — Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia

What it is: A tangy seasoning that tastes as equally good on chips as in beer.

4. Tillamook Ice Cream — Oregon

What it is: Amazingly delicious and rich ice cream with flavors like marionberry cheesecake and speculoos.

5. POG — Hawaii

What it is: Passion fruit, orange, and guava juice which basically tastes like Hawaii.

6. Buc-Ees Beaver Nuggets — Texas

7. Faygo RedPop and Fagyo Rock & Rye — Michigan

8. Zapp's Potato Chips — Louisiana

9. The Original Rainbow Cone — Chicago, Illinois

What it is: An ice cream cone filled with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (vanilla with walnuts and cherries), and pistachio ice creams, and then topped with orange sherbet.

10. Awful Awful milkshakes from the Newport Creamery — Newport, Rhode Island

11. Idaho Spud Candy Bars — Idaho

12. Cheerwine — across the South

13. Palmetto Cheese pimento cheese — the Northeast, South, and Midwest

What it is: A spreadable, snack cheese that tastes good on everything. Fun fact: The tag for this product is "the pimento cheese with soul."

14. Sponge Candy — Buffalo, New York

What it is: A mix of caramelized sugar and molasses flavors, coated in chocolate.

15. Bauder Peppermint Bar — Des Moines, Iowa

16. Spam Musubi from 7-Eleven — Hawaii

17. Moon Pies — across the South.

What it is: Graham crackers coated with chocolate with a marshmallow filling in the middle. Totally addictive.

18. Dave's Killer Bread — West Coast

What it is: Just really fucking good bread.

19. Texas Pete Hot & Spicy Pork Skins — Texas

What it is: Pork skins are great. Pork skins flavored with hot sauce are even better.

20. Halo Farm Ice Cream — Central New Jersey

What it is: Delicious lick-the-spoon-and-the-bowl ice cream.

21. Zaxby's fries and chicken fingers — The South

22. Cafe Yumm! Sauce — Oregon

23. Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets — Philadelphia

24. Wickles Pickles — The South

25. Zesto's ice cream — South Carolina

Did we miss something? Share your favorite regional treat in the comments!