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24 Actually Stunning Man Makeovers That'll Make You Say "OMG"

Mansformations like whoa.

1. Attention, men: Hair can make a HELL OF A DIFFERENCE when it comes to your look.

2. You can go from kinda hairy to total hottie.

3. Ladies know how much a haircut can totally ~adjust your perspective~.

4. How letting a little hair go can actually help take you to the next level of h-o-t-t-i-e.

5. And how taming your curly strands can be a total game-changer.

6. I mean, just look at this man for proof:

7. Or this guy:

8. This guy:

9. Or this newly coiffed handsome lad.

10. An itty bitty trim will take you from long hair to lookin' good.

11. And a more radical cut will take you from headbanger to handsomely groomed.

12. Getting your hair under control is a small thing that makes a huge difference in how people see you.

13. Yes, maybe you were cute before, but now you're Next-Level Attractive.

14. You can up the ante from messy man to super smoldering.

15. Or from out-of-control curls to well-coiffed.

16. Guys, it doesn't take much to impress us.

17. And, tbh, you know we'll like you either way.

18. But a fresh cut? Man, it'll give you a certain kinda glow.

19. A certain shine.

20. It'll show off your eyes just so.

21. And it may just make us notice you in a new light.

22. We know letting go of your long locks might be hard.

23. But in the end it can be so worth it.

24. Trust us.