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23 Things Only Girls With Small Boobs Will Understand

Proud members of the itty bitty titty committee.

1. Designers want to give your girls a boost with pushup bras, but it's like LOL. No.

2. You're like cleavage? What is dat?

3. Strapless tops? Nah.

4. Your boobs maybe aren't the best place to store your cell phone/wallet/keys/extra snacks.

Lmao RT @Sweet_Nirvana #thatawkwardfmlmoment when you put ya phone in ya bra and it falls out -__- #smallboobstruggles

5. You might have to fake extra boob sometimes. It's fine.


6. Like maybe you stuffed your bra once or twice.

7. And sometimes? Well you actually just wonder where your boobs went.

8. You're surrounded by girls with bigger boobs, and it can really be overwhelming underwhelming sometimes.

9. LIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEE ... Sometimes your fucking BONSAI TREE has bigger tits than you.

10. You know that "chicken cutlets" aren't just whats for dinner.

11. I mean, sure, you can have big boobs.

12. Your anatomy is just ... different.

This woman's back looks like me from the front. #smallboobproblems

13. Which means that occasionally you end up shopping in the kid's department.

My life is over I just ad to buy a kids bikkini #smallboobproblems

14. And your boobs can actually BETRAY YOU.

15. You wonder where exactly you got your (lack of) boobs from.

16. And it's like, nobody cares when you go braless because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See my life outside *hugs sub* "@Adannie_: When you wear a dress without a bra and no one notices because small boob problems🚣🏻🚣🏻

17. You go through high school wondering when you'll get boobs, and then suddenly you're 23 and you're STILL asking.

18. Sometimes you want to get all Anne Hathawhatever and pretty cry about it.

19. But! Then you remember you can walk around without a bra and look sexy AF.

Just say no to BOOB JAIL.

20. You were #blessed with the ability to wear super hot high fashion ~lewks~.

21. And you can sleep on your small boobies without wanting to totally die.

22. Plus, you don't have to deal with big boob-related back pain.

23. Yeah, actually? It's not so bad after all.