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23 Things Only Girls With Small Boobs Will Understand

Proud members of the itty bitty titty committee.

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4. Your boobs maybe aren't the best place to store your cell phone/wallet/keys/extra snacks.

Lmao RT @Sweet_Nirvana #thatawkwardfmlmoment when you put ya phone in ya bra and it falls out -__- #smallboobstruggles

5. You might have to fake extra boob sometimes. It's fine.

8. You're surrounded by girls with bigger boobs, and it can really be overwhelming underwhelming sometimes.


9. LIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEE ... Sometimes your fucking BONSAI TREE has bigger tits than you.


12. Your anatomy is just ... different.

This woman's back looks like me from the front. #smallboobproblems

13. Which means that occasionally you end up shopping in the kid's department.

My life is over I just ad to buy a kids bikkini #smallboobproblems


14. And your boobs can actually BETRAY YOU.

16. And it's like, nobody cares when you go braless because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See my life outside *hugs sub* "@Adannie_: When you wear a dress without a bra and no one notices because small boob problems🚣🏻🚣🏻


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