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23 Tees That Express How You Really Feel About Thanksgiving

All dat food. All dat lazy.

1. Thanksgiving is a day of low expectations.

Honestly Amazing tee, $28.15

2. Because: Tryptophan.

Keep Calm By Eating Turkey tee, $17.95

3. Cranberry relish, it's the best.

Fan of the Cran tee, $39.95

4. Why do people eat turkey all week?

Why Do People Eat Turkey All Week tee, $26.95

5. All the naps, they are yours.

I Like To Party and By Party I Mean Take Naps tee, $26.95

6. In case anybody was wondering what your plan of action was.

My Holiday Eating tee, $30.45

7. When you need to remind your parents not to expect too much from you today.

Lazy R People 2 tee, $23.10

8. For when you've gone a little to H.A.M. on that stuffing.

No Pants Are The Best Pants tee, $20.95

9. When you just feel like faking it.

I Do Yoga tee, $26.95

I Do Yoga tee, $26.95

10. When your mom keeps asking you to help with the cooking.

Quit Asking Me tee, $25.15

11. Too true.

Thanksgiving Attire tee, $26

12. This one has more of a Friendsgiving vibe.

Home Is Where The Bra Isn't tee, $26.95

13. A competitive sport we can get behind.

Thanksgiving Eating Team tee, $24

Thanksgiving Eating Team tee, $24

14. When you can't hide your true feelings.

I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks to the Fridge tee, $24.20

15. Leftovers? Leftovers!

I Turkey Leftovers tee, $23.15

16. This one basically works year round.

Give Me Food and Attention tee, $22.95

17. Do you really want to risk it?

Ancient Curse tee, $25.15

18. Speaks for itself.

Big Hungry tee, $34.70

Big Hungry tee, $34.70

19. So you can avoid those awkward T-day dinner convos.

Don't Ask tee, $28.95

Don't Ask tee, $28.95

20. Also this one.

I'll Cry tee, $28.95

I'll Cry tee, $28.95

21. If you need help preventing an unfortunate hook up with your high school ex.

Married to the Sea tee, $28.15

22. Please just don't make me get up from the couch.

Please Don't tee, $24.95

Please Don't tee, $24.95

23. And finally, respect my political opinions.

My Politics tee, $22.95

My Politics tee, $22.95

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