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    21 Men's Makeovers That'll Make You Say OMG

    What a difference a friggin' haircut makes.

    1. This blonde beauty.

    @soomahair / Via

    2. This weed wonder.

    @jonny_rose / Via

    3. This short-haired hottie.

    @izrael_garcia / Via

    4. This formerly hirsute guy.

    @_julzbarber / Via

    5. This fine gentleman who lost his length.

    @ scotchandscissors / Via

    6. This beardy bro.

    @aaronsturlabarbering / Via

    7. This guy who went from hairy to handsome.

    @tealeavesband / Via

    8. This bold fellow.

    @heirim / Via

    9. This lock-less lovely.

    10. This man, who cut off his quite envious locks.

    @josephtheishair / Via

    11. This guy, who literally looks like a different person.

    @jaimie4hair / Via

    12. This total gamechanger.

    http://@s.grace_r / Via

    This guy, who's basically hot with any hair.

    @hairbyandrewnyc / Via

    13. And this guy, who looks fresh AF.

    @tylermears11 / Via

    14. This man, who seems almost RELIEVED he got rid of all that hair.

    @dbksalon / Via

    15. This guy, who really cleaned up his act.

    @thebarberysalon / Via

    16. And this dude, whose new lewk is 🔥🔥🔥

    @sadzzzsss26 / Via

    17. This man, who tamed his wild mane.

    @jennyrunswithscissors / Via

    18. And this fine-haired fellow.

    @ericaashley_hair / Via

    19. This guy, who is keeping it 💯

    20. This newly coiffed cutie.

    @sah_salon / Via

    21. And this wavy-haired wonder.