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21 Amazingly Easy 5 Minute DIY Projects

Make your life better in five minutes flat.

Alice Mongkongllite/BuzzFeed

1. Turn a piece of boring burlap into fancy-ass artwork.

So easy. Find out how here.

2. Fancy up your dollar store white candles with duct tape.

3. Up your thumbtack game with button thumbtacks.

You'll have the best bulletin board in town. Here's how to do it.

4. Make an iPhone projector out of an old shoe box and a magnifying glass.

Live like the baller you were meant to be. Directions here.

5. Make a cool AF flower stamp out of okra.

For all your flower stamp needs.

6. Create an actually-pretty dry-erase board.

It'll take you five seconds, promise.

7. These reed diffusers will make you seem like an actual adult.

But washi tape will make you feel like a kid.

8. Make the cutest coasters with just a little bit of acrylic paint.

Find out how, here.

9. Fake out your plants with these faux copper pots.

Learn how to do it here.

10. Turn a Mason jar into the most hipster-ified soap dispenser ever.

Find out how to do it here.

11. Make pretty inkblotted napkins.

With just fabric paint and a paint brush. Find out how here.

12. Create cool-as-heck, no-sew pillows.

And change up your boring couch situation. Find out how here.

13. Add a sweet colorful pocket to a plain white tee.

14. How awesome are these homemade hair clips?

And if you've got another five minutes, you can turn the clip into a headband.

15. You need a DIY heating pad? You got one.

Rice and an old sock, and VOILÀ!

16. Make a quick and classy leather key chain.

And never lose your stupid keys again.

17. And then never spend another extra second fumbling for the right key.

It's just nail polish, guys!

18. Turn a necklace into a headband like it's NBD.

19. And then make a super-cool jewelry dish to store it in.

Find out how to do it here.

20. Create the perfect welcoming wreath.

Five minutes, tops.

21. These vintage button bookmarks take no time.

And bonus: They make great teacher gifts. Full directions here.