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    19 Dorm Room Tips That'll Get You Instantly Organized

    Little room, big ideas.

    1. Keep your electronics pretty (and organized!) with washi tape.

    2. Use shower hooks on a hanger to store all of your scarves.

    3. Or use 'em to store your jewelry. Basically they can do no wrong.

    4. Utilize all your wall space with this hanging bucket. It's super easy to make.

    5. Get more storage space under your bed (and an extra outlet or two) with these USB-fitted bed risers.

    6. Or, you could make a DIY platform bed with IKEA shelves!

    7. Speaking of your bed, make the most out of it with these convenient, space-saving organizers.

    8. You could also put one on your chair, you know.

    9. Make the most of your ridiculously tiny dorm closet by using cascading hangers.

    10. You could also add closet space with an adjustable hanging closet rod like dis one.

    11. You were just gonna stick a 1D poster there anyway, so why not maximize the space over your bed with these rad shelves?

    Get 'em here.

    12. Change your folding game, change the world.

    13. Keep all your jewels and baubles in this easy-to-DIY jewelry display.

    14. And then make sure your makeup stays in place with this magnetic makeup board.

    15. Steal a bunch of snacks from the commissary and then keep them in a shoe organizer on your door.

    16. Invest in a rolling cart to store your extra stuff under your bed.

    17. Shower caddies aren't just for shlepping down the hall in your bathrobe. Hang one on your wall and use it to store your school supplies, beauty products, or fave artwork.

    18. No room for a night table? This bed shelf will do the job just fine.

    19. Storage ottomans are a good look because you get extra seating + extra space to store your stuff, and that's MAGICAL.

    Now go forth and live luxuriously.