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19 Gorgeous People With Gap Teeth

Mind the gap.

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1. Fun fact: Gap teeth are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures.

2. In France, they're called dents du bonheur or "lucky teeth."

3. And in Australia, they're considered a sign of future wealth.

4. In parts of Africa — Ghana, Namibia and Nigeria — gap teeth are considered a sign of fertility.

5. And either way, they're very, very cute.

7. Like, unbelievably charming.

8. And brimming with personality.

9. Gap teeth and freckles? It's almost TOO MUCH.

12. But also? Check out this cutie.

13. And this fantastic double gap pair.

14. Do you think this big brother is jealz of his little brother's gap moment?

He should be, it's ADORBZ.

15. This woman is straight up LIVING IT.

17. This guy is giving good gap, too!

18. This girl? F-l-a-w-l-e-s-s.