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    Nov 24, 2016

    18 People Who Definitely Failed English Class

    Go straight to the back of the class. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. The person who wrote this, probably.

    @janebfc / Via

    2. And the guy who made this sign, too.

    @drcandicejones / Via

    3. Because Satan and Santa are NOT the same.

    @jaynetheunicorn / Via

    4. And while you're bemoaning PC stuff, you probably at least figure out how to spell it.

    @z_wazzle / Via

    5. Sir, NOBODY is going to buy your meat. NOBODY.

    @dynamicdivadonna / Via

    6. And a CHOCKING hazard? What even is that?

    @mariellans / Via

    7. Shhhhh...

    @johnroyowen / Via

    8. The piercer who's hopefully better with a needle than they are with spell check.

    @2007oreo / Via

    9. The hospital worker who's hopefully better at healthcare than they are at sign-making.

    @emanuelhead57 / Via

    10. The teacher who's hopefully better at ... oh FUCK IT.

    11. The supermarket worker who erected this fine wine sign.

    @popbangcolour / Via

    12. The butcher who sliced up this bacon.

    @bruhhjoking / Via

    13. The man who decided this was a proper meal.

    @rzr786 / Via

    14. And the person who deemed "qualifieded" is just EXTRA qualified.

    @shrewzo / Via

    15. Whoever decided "Wensday" comes right after Toosday.

    @kjlennon1008 / Via

    16. The person who discovered Beth0ven is just Beethoven's secret bro.

    @judicine / Via

    17. And the official who "postoned" the spelling bee.

    @editorrapp / Via

    18. Maybe they'll hold it at the ... OH NO.

    @expressiveproofreading / Via

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