18 Clothing Struggles All Tall Girls Understand

    Your #tallgirlproblems are all too real.

    1. High-waisted shorts? HA.

    Can stores PLEASE start making high-waisted shorts with an inseam longer than 2 inches? #tallgirlproblems

    2. High heels are a struggle.

    When i wear heels...#tallgirlproblems #thestruggle

    3. Rompers? Good luck.

    I just really wanna be able to wear rompers and find maxi skirts/dresses that actually fit me!! #tallgirlproblems

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    4. And skirts and dresses are often an obscene length.

    I love cute, summery, shorter dresses ...but they all turn out to be shirts on me #tallgirlproblems

    Which make you wonder if what you're trying on might ACTUALLY be a shirt.

    5. Finding a maxi dress that's actually ... a maxi dress? Good luck with that.

    So hard to find a maxi dress that isn't too short for me #tallgirlproblems

    6. Jeans — even the ones designed for tall girls — aren't long enough.

    My jeans always stop above my ankle #tallgirlproblems

    7. Finding jeans that fit is a complex and sad math equation.

    Having to buy a couple sizes up in jeans just so the legs are long enough. #TallGirlProblems @TallGrlPrblms

    8. You might find the perfect jeans, but if you accidentally put them in the dryer? Forget about it.

    When you have pants the perfect length then accidentally put them in the dryer #tallgirlproblems

    9. If you want to look cute in pics with your short friends, you're gonna have to sacrifice your heels.

    @LifeTall they were both wearing heels too and I wasn't #tallgirlproblems

    10. Borrowing clothes from your short friends isn't an option. Nope. OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    This is what it looks like when my homegirls try an borrow my clothes. #TallGirlProblems

    11. You literally have to WALK AROUND on your yoga pants to stretch them out.

    this is what I have to do to stretch out my yoga pants @TallandTerrific #tallgirlproblems

    12. When you're shopping, you become the defacto tall person salesgirl for your short friends.

    People ask you to get things down for them in the store #tallgirlproblems

    13. And if you do manage to find something you want to try on, the dressing rooms aren't built for tall girls.

    14. Good luck, too, finding a mirror that'll let you see your whole outfit.

    Speaking of #tallgirlproblems: full length pictures have to be angled or far away to get all of me in there.

    15. One size fits all?

    16. Trying to wear a lot of your favorite trendy looks is impossible.

    "@bxchPLEASE: simple but cute " #tallgirlproblems these look like baby clothes on us lol

    17. It's nearly impossible to find good shoes in your size, too.

    I can almost never look in the female shoe selection for running shoes or cleats and find something in my size #TallGirlProblems -.-

    18. You might want to wear heels, but forget it: You're stuck with flats unless you really want to tower over everyone.

    Wearing flats when you really want to be wearing heels. #tallgirlproblems

    When you're already tall, and then you put on huge heels... Giant gladiator woman. #TallGirlProblems @TALL_Probz_