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18 Fierce AF African Prom Dresses That'll Give You Life

#BlackGirlMagic is real.

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1. So first things first. These girls are all killing it. But not all African fabrics are the same, nor are they all worn uniformly across Africa. According to African designer Busayo Olupona who designs for BusayoNYC, the prints featured in this post are primarily worn in West Africa.

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As Busayo explains, most of the fabrics featured here are wax prints. "Wax print fabrics are 100% cotton, and have several interchangeable names including Dutch Wax Print, Wax Print or Ankara (which is the Nigerian term)," she told BuzzFeed.

This incredible couple is wearing kente cloth, btw, which is a type of fabric from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. "Historically, the colors and patterns had particularly meaning, and fabric was woven but now it is machine printed." explains Busayo. "What's also interesting about these pictures is that men are also getting in the game by introducing the fabric as accents to their outfits as ties, pocket square and cummerbund."


6. This woman, whose amazing gele is totally ALMOST stealing the show from her date's gold shoes.

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This look, says Busayo, "is reminiscent of what Nigerians call Aso-Ebi. It signifies that on an important occasion, the relatives of the celebrant will pick a fabric and all coordinate their outfit. They would have an outfit sewn and it is often a lace fabric like the one she is wearing here."

For more gorgeous Aso-Ebi looks, check out this link.