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    17 Of The Worst Home Makeovers In The History Of Reality TV

    Step away from the hay.

    1. The time Hildi Santo-Tomas on Trading Spaces turned a couple's home into a sandy, claustrophobic beach nightmare.


    Lort, this was supposed to be a "cabana" room.

    2. And the time Hildi stapled, like, 7,000 fake silk flowers onto the walls of this damn bathroom.



    3. Who could forget Hildi's upside down horror show? Sure, just affix all the furniture to the ceiling and paint the walls black. GREAT IDEA.


    4. You thought we were done with Hildi? Remember when she glued a bunch of damn hay to a couple's walls? EEEEP.


    Ten years later and I'm still not over this.

    5. And NVR 4GET the time Hildi made a damn mosaic of her face in a couple's dining room. NO.


    6. Or the time she covered a family's living room with newspaper.


    Yep, this is the finished look.

    7. Sure, this looks like a makeover-in-progress, but NOPE. This is the finished kitchen, complete with a bloody looking tarp.


    8. Listen, Trading Spaces designer Doug Wilson also made mistakes. Like this "safari" room with all the windows blocked out.


    9. Also, Wilson's red and white paint design is slightly nauseating, no?


    10. You guys, this was an "after" on Move This House.



    11. Honestly what is even happening here? This Design Star makeover includes a "For Sale" sign. IDEK.


    12. Oh sure, slap "sexy" and "adorable" over the bed. Sounds good.

    HGTB / Via

    Blame David Bromstead of Color Splash: Miami for this one.

    13. This bedroom from the UK show Changing Rooms is just tewwwww much.

    BBC Worldwide

    14. And OMG this pink monstrosity from Your Home In Their Hands is nauseating.

    BBC One

    15. The poor Bailey family had their home absolutely destroyed by Your Home In Their Hands:

    BBC One / Via

    Yes, that's astroturf on the couple's stairs.

    16. And designers on Your Home In Their Hands created a cartoonish trompe l'oeil for this poor teen's room.

    BBC One / Via

    17. And finally, what's happening in this makeover from HGTV's The Antonio Treatment?


    Honestly, what ISN'T happening here?

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