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17 Incredibly Earnest WikiHow Entries That'll Teach You How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celeb

Including "Rihanna's dance hall teen look."

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3. Rihanna

Pro tip: "Try Rihanna’s dance hall teen look. This is one of her best-known looks and it’s cute and sexy at the same time. If you want to try this look, you should wear Converse, baggy jeans, cropped tops showing off that tanned belly button, sequins, sparkles, and not too much pink. The most important thing is that you look young and sexy at the same time."

7. Taylor Swift

Pro tip: "Let the haters hate. Taylor doesn’t care when people are mean to her or gossip about her dating life or clothes. She understands that she has millions of Twitter followers and doesn’t hate on the haters. Instead, Taylor appreciates all of the good things in her life and treats everyone with kindness and grace. Don’t let anyone get you down or tell you who you are. Work on being like Taylor, and having the confidence that lets you do your own thing without caring about what other people are saying about you."


8. Steven Seagal

Pro tip: "Get a nice, quality, leather jacket. This will improve your ability to carry out the martial arts moves you know nothing about, simply because it 'feels Seagal.' If you are not wearing the leather jacket, you must wear a floral design shirt or one of those creepy silk vests Seagal wears (eg: a kimono). This will never ever get ripped or torn in any way, because Seagal's clothes are invincible."

12. Pete Wentz

Pro tip: "Put on a fitted T-shirt that's either black, plain white or ironic in some way (think about out-of-the-way diners or local BBQ houses). Throw a dark colored hoodie over the t-shirt and keep the hood on."


16. Demi Lovato

Pro tip: "Shave the side of your head. Demi’s more recent awesome hairdo involves her having shaved part of the left side of her head, while keeping the rest of her hair straight and long, letting it fall a bit over the other side of her face. If you have the guts to pull this one off, just shave one side of your hair, from about your ear to your middle part, while keeping the rest of your hair long. This is a more edgy and exciting look, and it’s part of the new Demi."