16 Times "This Is England '90" Made You Feel All The Feelings

    Raise your hand if you will never get over this series. (Raises hand).

    This Is England, Shane Meadows' epic four-part series following a group of friends in Northern England across nearly ten years, just ended.

    If you're not familiar with the series, start with This Is England, which takes place in 1983. Then follow it up with This Is England '86, This Is England '88, and finally This Is England '90.

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    Here, this is the full length version of This Is England. Watch it. IT IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL.

    Once you're all caught up, you can read the rest of this post about all the major ~emotional moments~ in This Is England '90. And then prepare to sob.

    1. When Shaun tries to get back together with Smell and she shuts him down.

    2. When Shaun finds out he didn't get into college and is a total twat to his mum.

    3. When Woody and Milky snuggle on the couch together and it's too cute.

    4. When Shaun confides in a kind stranger how much he misses his father.

    5. When Gadge comforts Kelly the morning after her terrible night of drugs and sexual assault.

    6. THIS.

    7. When Woody proposes to Lol using a pipecleaner and it's absolutely perfect.

    8. When Lol admitts to Kelly and everyone else who was really responsible for her father's death.

    Literally here's Shaun crying in the corner.

    9. When Combo gets out of prison and comes home to Lol and Woody and everyone hugs.

    10. When Milky realizes how he's sealed Combo's fate.

    11. And Combo forgives him anyway.

    12. When Gadge and Shaun try to rescue Kelly but she's already too far gone.

    13. When you realize the back of Lol's wedding dress says "Lol ♥ Woody."

    14. Basically everything having to do with Woody and Lol's magical love.

    15. When Gadge and Harvey were the second cutest couple at Lol and Woody's wedding.

    16. When Kelly shows up to Woody and Lol's wedding and the sisters reconcile.


    Goodbye, This Is England, please come back in '94 and give everybody Brit pop haircuts.