28 Best Friend Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Call Your Bros

    Bros who tat together...

    1. These two lucky ducks.

    2. This gorilla and bear pair.

    3. These geometric guys.

    4. These two, uh, fighting cocks.

    5. This pizza pair.

    6. These matching evil eyes.

    7. These tiny elbow tats.

    8. These twins who got matching tattoos.

    9. These two big bears.

    10. These gaming dudes.

    11. These two bros who share a watercolor tat.

    12. These beautiful abstract tats.

    13. These bros, who got tattoos that span their geographical distance (one lives in Puerto Rico and the other in New York).

    14. These beautiful watercolor portraits.

    15. And this pair of anchors.