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28 Best Friend Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Call Your Bros

Bros who tat together...

1. These two lucky ducks.

@bandidheart / Via

2. This gorilla and bear pair.

@alisonrebertattoo / Via

3. These geometric guys.

@eliteinktattoostudios / Via

4. These two, uh, fighting cocks.

@ lucky_smt / Via

5. This pizza pair.

@magnetictattoo / Via

6. These matching evil eyes.

@chocolatesensation_2015 / Via

7. These tiny elbow tats.

@carlosruizdev / Via

8. These twins who got matching tattoos.

@andrew_kollar / Via

9. These two big bears.

10. These gaming dudes.

@emylinkedtattoo / Via

11. These two bros who share a watercolor tat.

12. These beautiful abstract tats.

@bruno_epis / Via

13. These bros, who got tattoos that span their geographical distance (one lives in Puerto Rico and the other in New York). / Via

14. These beautiful watercolor portraits. / Via

15. And this pair of anchors. / Via
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