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13 People Who Might Have Fallen In Love At The Women's Marches

Maybe someone's looking for you?

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people participated in women's marches around the country and around the world. Strangers stood side by side, and based on these Craigslist Missed Connections, MAYBE SOME LOVE CONNECTIONS WERE MADE?


1. San Francisco, CA — W for M: Man with a sage green rain jacket and beard at Women's March


2. Austin, TX — W for M: Darling at Women's March with a camera and blue backpack


3. Washington D.C. — M for W: Walked with you at Women's March

4. Los Angeles, CA — M for M: Cafe Gratitude, the March, and the Red Line

5. Washington D.C. — M for M: Free Hugs for Homos at Women's March on Washington

6. Los Angeles, CA — M for W: Elena? Alana? On subway after the march

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7. Austin, TX — M for W: My Beloved Marcher

8. Austin, TX — M for W: We shared glances and smiles at the march today


9. Seattle, WA — W for M: You photobombed me at the Women's March

10. Portland, OR — W for M: Masked protester


11. Boston, MA — W for M: Anti-fascists making a scene about equality at Women's March

12. Philadelphia, PA — W for W: Women's March-'I pledge to interrupt your hate'


13. Seattle, WA — W for W: Judkins Park to Seattle Center

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