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13 Women In Movies Whose Makeup Looks Perfect, Despite Being In Constant Peril

Because imminent death is no excuse not to look really friggin' good.

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If movies and TV have taught us anything, it's that women always need to look good. And as these fantastic examples prove, ladies need to look good even when they're kicking ass and especially when they're running from danger/murder/giant dinosaurs/aliens/evil Eddie Redmaynes.

Below, some stellar examples of movie and television heroines who've managed to stave off sudden death and keep their contours contoured.


6. The brides in Mad Max: Fury Road

Village Roadshow Pictures

You've been driving across a barren wasteland hiding from Immortan Joe and the War Boys for like, days, but that won't keep you from contouring like a pro.


12. Nathalie Emmanuel in Furious 7

Universal Pictures

You've just been dramatically rescued from terrorist cell by a band of insane car thieves but NBD, your eye liner looks fantastic.


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