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    11 Truths Everyone Who's Dated A Looser Knows To Be True

    Players always play, loosers always loose.

    1. They never have money.

    Just in from a date from hell... Total looser and broke fool tried that i forgot my wallet shit... the main reason i…

    And they want YOU to pay for the date.

    2. They wanna make you choose between them and your friends.

    But yall still date em RT @MissCurvyDiva: A guy who makes his gf choose between him and her friends is a total LOOSER *my opinion so STFU*

    3. They seem cool but it's like they're just really good at hiding how shitty they are.

    #Talkaboutawkward u go on a date with a guy u had a long time crush on, and he's a total looser :|

    4. Do NOT believe that they're COOL.

    COOL stands for: Constipated Over rated Out dated Loosers!!!

    5. They don't wanna be with you but they don't want you to be with anyone else.

    "@TheFactsBook: I think we've all dated someone like this 😔 ".... #truth 😏😏😏😏#loosers

    6. They can be really fake.

    "@ItsTheLoveDiary: Real men stay dedicated to one girl"IN my life,it means,I have never met a Real man,I only dated Fakes,Loosers!!!

    7. They're co-dependent.

    I've always dated loosers who have forever dependent on me for everything.......I'm done.

    8. Loosers have no passion.

    I need a man with a passion for life. A man that has a life aside from the loosers I've dated before!

    9. They will SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE.

    RT oh dam.. @AiricAlan: @gizzofoshizzo @LetyRoxtar we had a friend that dated loosers all the time. One set her house on fire.

    10. And your mom can spot them from a mile away.

    11. But! Just remember, loosers are stepping stones to winers.

    I can def say all the jerks and loosers I dated and all the heart break that came with it, was worth it to end up amazing man I have today