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    • juliebmcintosh

      You forgot that I also said “SAVING money”. Not all of these are even expensive for DIY-ers. There’s a good five or more we’d actually do. All at once? No. Do that under-the-stairs book book? Why not? The turning dead space into a playroom? I had friends who did that themselves on weekends over the course of a month; it was awesome. (They turned it into an office.) Neither of these requires a contractor. Maybe most Buzzfeed readers are twentysomethings just starting out, but my husband and I are 42. Sound financial decisions, wise spending, and hard work eventually mean that things like this aren’t sci-fi, yes. Not all at once, but a few of them one at a time? Why not?  If you’re in your twenties and these seem like things only rich people could do, even one at a time, relax. If you’re in your forties and you still couldn’t manage to do one yourself, not even one, then you probably should have learned how to manage both money (and power tools) when you were younger….  Chill. It’s really not that expensive or complicated. You probably have time for book nooks and bunk bed rooms and storage staircases yet.

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