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7 Popular Misconceptions About Libertarians

"I'm a libertarian." "Oh, you got any weed?"

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Fact: Libertarians believe that voluntary private charities are better than government welfare programs. / Via

Spending your *own* money to help the poor is compassionate. Plus, voluntary charities have a better track record of actually helping the poor than government programs.

Fact: Libertarians oppose corporate bailouts. / Via

Libertarians are pro free market, not pro corporation. Libertarians oppose any government handout, protection, or privilege to any business. The free market is tough. SINK OR SWIM.

Fact: Libertarians want to have good relations with other nations. / Via

Libertarians support free trade and friendly relations with other nations. We advocate for a non-intervention foreign policy aka the U.S. government shouldn't mess around in the internal conflicts in other nations. Because you know what isolates people from the rest of the world? Dropping bombs on other countries for no good reason.

Fact: Libertarians know Social Security is a bad deal. / Via

Old people are receiving less money than they paid into Social Security. Unless there are major changes, young people are not going to see a dime that they were forced to pay into the system when they retire. Libertarians believe that people should be able to save for their retirement however they see fit.

Fact: Libertarians just don't want government to enforce morality. / Via

Libertarians can have their own personal set of morals. Being a libertarian does not automatically mean you advocate for a society with no social standards whatsoever. The prudes and the libertines can both find a home in libertarianism. Just keep the government out of it.

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