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12 Reasons Why Obama Is One Of The *Worst Presidents Ever

Prepare for a heavy dose of sarcasm.

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1. "He is for The People." / Via

Oh yes, that must be why Obama supported the big bank bailout (TARP). Thank goodness he was for bailing out those poor fat cats on Wall Street who made awful decisions. Those deprived big bankers deserved those million-dollar bonuses paid by people making $30,000 a year.


2. "He is for civil rights... His outspoken support of gay marriage is an excellent example."

According to the Matthew Lynch, Obama has consistently spoken on behalf of the "most controversial members of society -despite the fact that it was politically unpopular to do so at the time." What?! In August 2008, Obama said, "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God's in the mix." Normally, liberals would call that a bigoted answer. But it’s Obama! He’s a Democrat! So it’s OK.

4. "He is for a healthcare system that brings hope and healing to the hurting. " / Via

Because of ObamaCare....

People are losing their job-based health insurance. Workers are getting their hours cut. Health insurance premiums are rising. Employers are not hiring new people because no one can figure out the clusterflunk of a law. Plus, new taxes!

5. "He is for the middle class" / Via

Obama has been called the King of Corporate Welfare. He has given taxpayer money to politically-connected big banks, auto companies, and insurance corporations.

The high cost of ObamaCare is taking its toll on the middle class. Oh, yeah, didn't he make a campaign promise not to raise taxes on people making under $250,000 a year? Whoops. Middle class people are going to have a harder time affording insulin pumps and heart pacemakers thanks to ObamaCare's medical device tax.

6. "He is for women's rights." / Via

Politicians come up with the craziest names for bills. "The Patriot Act." "No Child Left Behind Act." The purpose is to make any opponents look like complete dirtbags. "The Violence Against Women Act." Domestic violence is obviously horrible and is already illegal in all 50 states. But this pork stuffed bill was an opportunity for scheming politicians to shell out taxpayer dollars to liberal political organizations.

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act may sound well-intentioned but it has unintended consequences. It may make some employers hesitant about hiring women for fear of frivolous lawsuits. After all, trial lawyer lobbyists heavily lobbied politicians to get the bill passed.

The truth: the unemployment rate for women is still high and ObamaCare hurts young women.


8. "He is for the environment." / Via

Obama supported Cap and Trade that would have significantly raised energy prices for middle class families and wouldn't do practically anything to help the environment. He also keeps handing out taxpayer money to "green energy" corporations. The government shouldn't give any corporation any special treatment. Go out and compete on a level playing field!

9. "He is for veterans." / Via

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does an outrageously poor job. More than 600,000 veterans are now in the VA's backlog, with the average wait time of about 290 days. The VA's incompetence should be made into a bigger issue.

It is estimated that about 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Many are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. This can be prevented by the U.S. government refusing the engage in unnecessary wars against countries that pose no national security threat. How 'bout it, Obama?

10. "He is for peace." / Via


So... the guy that:

Wanted to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past the deadline negotiated by the Bush administration. Continues to support the war in Afghanistan that began when I was in middle school. Don't worry though. It may end by 2024... maybe. Increased the undeclared drone war in Pakistan and Yemen. If interested, click here for a list of innocent children killed by these drone attacks. Oh, and that whole, let's go to war with Syria thing.

11. "He is for education." / Via

Obama supports one-size-fits-all education policies that don't work. He supports Common Core, uniform national curriculum standards. These standards prohibit teachers from innovating methods of teaching to meet the unique needs of their students. Continuing to just throw endless amounts of money at schools doesn't improve education.

12. "He is for entertaining the masses." / Via

Get down witchur bad self, Barack. Whenever I think about whom I want to be president, I put high stake in someone who can make me ROFL. I can’t wait until Gallagher makes his run for the Oval Office. Who cares about policy positions? I just want to see someone take a sledgehammer to watermelons on stage at the presidential debates.

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