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    25 Signs You Studied Abroad In Tel Aviv

    everyday life in Tel Aviv as a foreign student.

    1. You ate Israeli breakfasts that were sufficient enough to keep you full all day.

    Eating shakshuka never gets old.

    2. You took a photo with a camel (and never took another one, ever, again).

    3. You ate at Benedict's at 3am after a night of bar hopping.

    and probably ordered their delicious mimosa to go with your meal.

    4. You succeeded to bargain with the ridiculous taxi prices.

    5. You failed to bargain with the sellers in the shuk.

    Unless it is Friday at 2pm. Suddenly, everything is practically free.

    6. You have accepted the consensus that Abu Hassan has the best hummus.

    7. You've seen your favorite artist preform in Tel Aviv.

    Rumors are that 2014 will be the year of Miley Cyrus.

    8. You went to the beach every day.

    9. Going out at the namal never got old..


    10. ..but the arsim did.


    11. This was the only form of hydration you needed.

    Ice cafe.

    12. You learned the hard way that a "chaser" is not the drink you use to chase your shots with.

    13. You forgot that squirrels are a thing.

    Cats. So many cats.

    14. You have mastered the art of playing matkot.

    & you've stopped making beach playlists since the only noise you will hear is the back and forth tack-tack-tack.

    15. Toast has a whole new meaning.

    Especially when you order it from Abulafia.

    16. You stopped wearing your souvenir t-shirt with graphic designs in Hebrew after one week.

    17. You actually appreciate the street art.

    The amazing work of Rami Meiri, and all graffiti in general.

    18. You went to Mike's Place. A lot.

    Too much.

    19. This was your preferred transportation on shabbat.

    20. Walking around with people like this became a totally normal thing.

    And there wasn't even one moment that you felt unsafe.

    21. You judge the herds of Taglit groups that fill the streets during the touring seasons.

    even though that was probably you a few years ago.

    22. Ate too much of this for your own good.

    Peanut-buttery goodness.

    23. You still dressed in shorts & sandals during the 'winter' when all of the Israelis were all bundled up.

    And you found yourself in this position often.

    Still waiting for a chance to hit the beach.

    24. You still talk about your time in Israel, every chance you get.

    25. And, you're already planning your next trip back.

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