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    23 Complaints Other Countries Have About Australia That Are Honestly Kinda Valid

    It's hard to admit, but these people may have a point.

    1. Why do we lure people in with a false agreement, before revealing our true answer: No.

    @tqashow Why do Australians answer questions with “Yeah, Nah”? Why don’t they just disagree from the start?

    Twitter: @benough

    2. Why do we go barefoot while driving, at the shops and at pretty much all venues — even if we're nowhere near a beach?

    Why do Australians feel the need to get their dirty crusty feet out in public all the time

    3. Why do we strictly adhere to the seasons passing every three months?

    Why do Australians have this weird obsession with the four seasons being linked strictly to calendar months?

    Twitter: @SuperCroup

    4. Why do we insist on littering every fucking swear word under the sun throughout our goddamn sentences?

    Twitter: @FunctionLogan

    5. Why do we shorten every word that's over two syllables long?

    Why do Australians only say half the word? Are they in a hurry? Morn! Next lev! Mozzie Beaut Etc

    Twitter: @XLIImusic

    6. And yet lengthen every word that's just a single syllable?

    Yo why do Australians put so many extra sounds into the word ‘no’? It’s 1 syllable, 2 letters. Why you gotta say it like ‘noooooowwwwwuuu’? 🤣

    Twitter: @HeziPlays

    7. Why do we naturally have a vocal inflection that makes it sound as if everything we say is a question?

    why do australians always sound like the are asking you a question every sentence sounds like they are vocally climbing stairs

    Twitter: @duhvinki

    8. Why do we need to emphasise the fact that our tape is legit sticky?

    Why do Australians say “sticky tape” like they have tape that isn’t sticky?

    Twitter: @KennaKane3

    9. Why do we pay hundreds of dollars to fly to Bali and sit on the beach, when we have the best beaches in the world on our doorstep?

    why do australians love to go to bali when they have some of the nicest beaches to fuck around

    Twitter: @morosenick

    10. Why do we go on and on about our undying love for this smelly yeast paste?

    why do australians think eating vegemite is a personality trait

    Twitter: @tavlxr

    11. Why do we proudly eat the animal on our national emblem?

    @ajplus Kangaroos are so cute, why do australians eat them☹

    Twitter: @teenidl41079862

    12. Why do we force ourselves, friends and visiting celebrities to drink from a shoe?

    @HammernShield why do australians insist on making people drink from a shoe........ its nasty......

    Twitter: @rubyinnes

    13. Why do we repeat "I reckon" so much? Just what are we reckoning?

    why do australians say “i reckon” so much

    Twitter: @PR3TTYANG3LZ

    14. Why do we never question our close proximity to these jacked-up marsupials that could knock us out cold?

    why do australians have kangaroo as their equivalent to us having deer. like with deer they'll stare at you in the forest and run off but kangaroo will absolutely drop kick you and they just chill around the place like that???

    Twitter: @rosyriveteer

    15. Why do we unashamedly boast about our stunning weather year-round (because let's face it, even our winters are still very mild)?

    @decsy Why do Australians always have to boast about how warm it is when everybody else is freezing to death

    Twitter: @NeilHubbucks

    16. Why do we love beetroot so much?

    I actually love how NOBODY in Australia can explain pickled beetroot on their burgers. If you’re Texan or American, you’re like, “WHY DO YOU DO THIS?!” Aussies: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rest of world: Nah mate, but why tho? Oz: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rest of world: but... I don’t... Oz: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Twitter: @seneca

    17. Why do we pretend that Ts are pronounced as Ds?

    why do australians say waaDAH instead of water

    Twitter: @jimmyfaalin

    18. Why do our most beloved things sound like they were named by pre-schoolers?

    why do australians have the most ridiculous names for things? i just saw a popsicle brand called zooper doopers ...

    Twitter: @sophiegraeber

    19. Why does our innate laziness extend to the car?

    Lmao why do Australians take indicating as optional

    Twitter: @grumpykat2

    20. Why do we pretend to get excited for the uber-Americanised celebration known as Halloween?

    Why do Australians try and make Halloween happen! It’s not going to happen 😂

    Twitter: @spunkIuke

    21. Why do we insist on pretending that fairy bread is a delicious meal?

    why do australians put sprinkles on their bread? looks nasty.

    Twitter: @INOSUKECEO

    22. Why do we leave our sunny, coastal oasis in droves and head off to the UK for several years?

    Why do Australians like to live in UK???👈

    Twitter: @mummygirl

    23. And finally, why do we make light of the fact that Australia is home to the world's deadliest animals and insects?

    Why do Australians not want the rest of the world to always talk about the terrifying animals they have running around over there if they say shit like "we're not here to fuck spiders" 😭

    Twitter: @horsethedog

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