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Tell Us About A Hidden Holiday Gem You've Visited In Australia

Pls God, help me escape the Bondi bubble this summer.

After a gruelling (read: fairly mild) winter, the glory of summer is finally on it's way to Oz and I could not be more horni for it.

But in the interest of escaping the army of sun-hungry tourists this year, I want to know from you: Where do the locals vaycay in Oz?

Maybe there's a secret spot up the coast that you road-trip to each summer.

Or a lush river retreat where you can escape the ~big smog~ and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Or maybe you're just not about that beach life at all and picturesque country fields are more your vibe.

Whichever road takes your fancy, let us know which hidden gems are on your hit list this summer.

Drop your answers below and the best ones will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!