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Tell Us What's At The Top Of Your Bucket List For When Australia Reopens International Travel

I've never wanted anything more than to be squeezed into a smelly, overcrowded, economy cabin for 18+ hours.

Although NSW and much of Victoria are still in strict lockdown — and let's not even discuss WA's complete severance from the rest of the country — there are green shoots of hope for the days when Australians can once again return to a normal state of living.

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In accordance with the federal proposal for Australia's four-phase plan out of COVID-19, once the nation hits phase C and sees 80% of the eligible population fully vaccinated, all restrictions on outbound travel will lift for vaxxed Aussies — meaning we'll be able to enjoy unrestricted travel between certain approved countries.

And with vaccination rates soaring and NSW hitting the seven million mark of shots administered, the predicted date for reaching phase C is drawing closer every day.

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In a press conference on August 31, NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, voiced her support for opening up international travel once we reached 80% — which we're currently on-track to hit in late October. 

"While 70% double dose gives those of us vaccinated freedoms, 80% double dose allows us to look at international travel and welcoming home all Australians," she said. "National Cabinet signed off on what 80% double dose vaccination would look like and that involves consideration of international travel and of welcoming more Aussies home."

So to get Aussies planning for the days when — not if — we can take to the skies again, we want to hear from you: Where is the first place you want to visit once international travel resumes?

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Qantas chief executive, Alan Joyce, has suggested that international flights could resume as early as mid-December — if the national cabinet sticks to it's plan. 

Maybe you've got family overseas that you're desperate to reunite with?

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Or maybe you're itching to once again discover new places and immerse yourself in different cultures?

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Whatever your situation, tell us in the comments below where you want to escape to and why, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!