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    This Australian Man Uncovered The Gateway To Hell Inside A Telstra Phone Box

    For a million bucks, would you step inside to make a call?

    In this latest instalment of a series I like to call "Just cute Australian things", a Queenslander man has stumbled upon what is surely a scene straight out of Stranger Things.


    And yet more terrifying than a dozen demogorgons.

    While out in the middle of fucking nowhere over the weekend, Joshua Smith uncovered a relic of an oft-forgotten time — the humble phone box. But any dreams of making a cheeky phone call were quickly dashed when he looked inside.


    Gotta muss with these big fuckers just to make a phone call.. #fyp #australianwildlife #getthefuckout #victim

    ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

    At first, you might think, well that's just some dusty cobwebs that have built up over years of disuse. I mean, c'mon Jules, it's a phone box, what do you expect?

    TikTok / @j0sho_

    But take a look closer and you'll see that, no, that's not dust...that's a swarm of thousands of spiders, suspended in midair, staging a takeover of Telstra.

    TikTok / @j0sho_

    For all we know, they've got the CEO hostage. They could be trading on the stock market.

    And then there's the king of the spiders, Aragog, just chilling there by the handset.

    TikTok / @j0sho_

    With his queen, Shelob, by his side, ready to spawn new children.

    TikTok / @j0sho_

    So if there were ever any doubts that Australia is still the land of the most terrifying creatures alive, let this cement that truth in your mind for good.

    TikTok / @j0sho_ / BuzzFeed

    I for one, welcome our new management at Telstra and ask that they look into my connectivity issues.

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