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    If You're Struggling With The Bushfire Smoke, These 10 Things Are For You

    Stay safe out there, guys.

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    In what is quickly becoming the new norm this summer, Sydney once again awoke to a bushfire-induced smoke haze blanketing the city.

    It's barely possible to see more than a couple of hundred metres into the distance and the air quality alerts have been alarming, to say the least.

    If you live in and around Sydney and are concerned about the smoke we're all currently inhaling, here are 10 products which could help you breathe easier.

    1. This Honeywall Disposable P2 Mask – because only at this grade will bushfire smoke particles be filtered out.

    2. Or this reusable one, as we're being told the air quality could remain this poor all summer.

    3. This smart home fire alarm, which can be controlled via app, is powered by USB and will sound and light when triggered.

    4. This desktop air purifier, which is perfect for the office you spend eight solid hours in.

    5. And this HEPA filtrated air purifier, to keep you breathing easier at home.

    6. These door and window self-adhesive strips to keep smoke particles out of your home.

    7. This air quality monitor, which will inform you as to the formaldehyde in the air, TVOC, PM2.5 and pm10.

    8. Or this itty-bitty one, useful for carrying with you or storing in the car.

    9. These mini natural air purifying bags, which will absorb the stench of smoke from your clothes.

    10. And finally, this car vent fragrance diffuser and air purifier, which will not only remove smoke but replace it with soothing essential oils.

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