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    Australia Just Invented Shazam For Spiders And It's About Bloody Time

    Siri, will this spider murder or just maim me?

    Ah yes, sweet, sweet Australia — the great, sunburnt country, the land down under and the home of more than 2000 kinds of spiders.

    Whether you're an Aussie by birthright, by choice, or just a British backpacker here for the summer, chances are you've come across one of our spiders and pondered: "Am I about to meet my end?"

    Well, in news that will delight anyone who's ever stepped foot on our shores, there's now an app that will tell you exactly what kind of critter you're faced with.

    australia really needs to invent a shazam for spiders so i can tell if this thing on the wall is a daddy longlegs or a bitey deathmaker 3000

    Critterpedia is the lovechild of Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and entrepreneurs, Nic and Murray Scare.

    The artificially intelligent (AI) platform uses the photos provided, as well as other details like GPS location to accurately assess the species.

    Ultimately, the app aims to provide education and awareness for all Aussies — and could be used as a device to save human and animal lives.

    The app is still in testing, but you can sign up to be a phase 1 tester of the beta version here.