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    16 Jun 2020

    32 Funny Tweets About The Fever Dream That Was "Round The Twist"

    Round The Twist is the vastly superior, O.G. Stranger Things. Change my mind.


    @Roisin_OConnor A fun game I like to play is 'was that a terrifying fever dream or the plot of an episode of Round The Twist'


    do we all remember round the twist where the boy got pregnant to a tree and gave birth to a tree spirit via his mouth? cool


    the australian national anthem should be the round the twist song or horses and I won’t argue with anyone about this sorry


    Round the Twist is the greatest Aussie show of all time and no I will not be taking questions at this time


    If the Round The Twist theme was released as a single it would have hit number one across the world, sold millions and cemented Tamsin West (reluctantly) as one of the Big Pop Girls of the 90s. Up there with Kylie, Mariah and Janet. Ah well.


    therapist: and what do we do when we feel like this? me: have strange things happened, are you going round the twist? therapist: what



    Still trying to get my head around that episode of Round The Twist, when Bronson gets attacked by a lake and then gets the ability to piss really high.


    Not totally across the issue but I wholeheartedly support the ABC paying Kylie Minogue a billion dollars to cover the theme from Round the Twist


    Yeah sex is good but have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened? Are you going round the twist?


    When you realise Nick bears an uncanny resemblance to the Dad from Round The Twist. #TheBachelorAU


    remember in round the twist when bronson got a fish in his penis that made him really fast at swimming and he won the school swimming comp so all the other kids also got a fish in their penis so they could compete with bronson and his fish penis


    stranger things is just Round the Twist filmed at night. also they kept the theme song. This is my belief


    @notalwaysweak I'm still not 100% sure that Round the Twist wasn't some fever dream all Australian kids had in the 90's. It was wild yo.


    @Shar_Kat_96 @robertmanion oh mannnnn i swear round the twist is this memory that i've just pushed way down in my psyche, and everytime i see that opening title sequence, i suddenly remember that one episode where the fish??? swims into his dick??? like that is legitimately all i can remember of that show


    does anyone remember that episode of round the twist where pete pees on a tree and gets pregnant with a tree baby or was that just a fever dream?


    Very retro of Boris Johnson to choose to style his hair on the classic Round the Twist episode with all the seagull poo, circa 1989.


    Still haunted by those gigantic mushrooms from the Round the Twist episode 'Yuckles'.


    I keep remembering an episode of going round the twist where some dude spent the episode crying that nobody would bury him, what the hell :\


    5) The taxidermy fox that comes to life in Grandad's Gifts, episode 21 of Round the Twist. NOPE


    OK looks like everyone agrees that lemon fox episode was the most traumatic round the twist, although I feel like the merman was a contender


    just remembered that round the twist episode where a guy dispenses ice cream from his nose


    Just remembered how horrible the scarecrow from Round the Twist was. Day ruined.


    @hpgeneration I used to do a drama class taken by the dad from round the twist and LEMME TELL YOU, that man did not appreciate RTT jokes. That poor man was so tired.


    This is the dad from Round the Twist now. Guess the show fucked him up as much as it fucked all of us up.


    I think the CBBC program 'Round the Twist' is why I've never wanted to take acid.


    Anyone ever manage to piss as high as that kid from Round The Twist?


    Look, If you didn't want to listen to the Round the Twist theme then you shouldn't have passed me the aux cord Sharron.


    @dannolan And Round the Twist. That show taught a generation of Australians to be wary of property developers. Now we can’t afford to buy a house 🤷‍♂️


    My dream girl would watch all of round the twist on repeat with me


    I thought for years that the cabbage baby episode of Round The Twist was a very lucid dream of mine, but no, it was actually real


    Our government has had more cast changes than the kids in Round The Twist

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