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    If You're Still Broken After Finishing "It's A Sin", These Wholesome Photos Of The Cast Will Bring You Back To Life

    I'm still not emotionally stable enough to discuss that finale yet.

    🚨🚨🚨 Mild spoilers ahead, proceed with caution. 🚨🚨🚨

    If you haven't binged the entire series of It's A Sin yet, I have two pieces of advice for you: A) Start it today and B) Have a bath towel handy to stem the flow of tears and snot that will cascade down your face.


    For my fellow Aussies, you can stream all five eps on Stan RN.

    Set in the UK during the 1980s, the series follows a group of young, queer men as they experience great love and heartbreaking loss amid the HIV/AIDS crisis.

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    Created by the legendary Russell T Davies (Queer As Folk, Years & Years and Doctor Who), the series was inspired by his own experiences coming of age in the '80s and was written to commemorate the generation of men who lost their lives to AIDS.

    It's a true masterpiece in television β€” a soul-shattering portrayal of a chapter in history that is so often overlooked.


    And look, I'm still emotional about everything, but it's actually so much more than just a bucket of tears β€” it's incredibly funny, it's insightful and it's so damn inspiring. Particularly now, as we live through a global pandemic.

    So if you, like me, are still recovering from that powerhouse finale, allow these truly wholesome BTS photos of the cast and crew to lift you out of the pits of despair.

    1. This beautiful snap of Olly Alexander (Ritchie) and Nathaniel Curtis (Ash) that proves there's a love between the two both on and off screen.

    2. This wholesome photo of the core cast (and creator Russell) during early production.

    3. This S T U N N I N G photo of Nathaniel, Lydia West (Jill) and Olly that could be straight out of an '80s catalogue.

    4. This perfect hug captured between Nathaniel and Callum Scott Howells (Colin).

    5. This BTS snap of Neil Patrick Harris (Henry), Callum and director Peter Hoar.

    6. This darling photo of Lydia holding the most fabulous clapperboard in existence.

    7. This healing photo of Olly, Lydia and Keeley Hawes (Valerie) that almost helps us forget their final scenes together.

    8. This pensive-meets-joyful photo of Omari Douglas (Roscoe), Shaun Dooley (Clive), Lydia and Olly.

    9. This sweet shot of Lydia doing what we all longed to do in episode 2 β€” cuddle David Carlyle (Gregory/Gloria).

    10. This incredible shot of Lydia and Nathaniel serving LOOKS.

    11. This all-smiles shot of Keeley and Lydia from what is arguably the most painful scene in the entire show.

    12. This golden hour photo of Lydia and Olly.

    13. This carousel of treasure that captures the cast throughout production.

    14. This serotonin-boosting shot of the cast and crew.

    15. This photo of Omari and Nathaniel that's just downright delightful.

    16. This cute selfie of the absolute greats: Keeley and Russell.

    17. This sublime carousel of Lydia, Omari and Callum that is serving serious summer vibes.

    18. This wholesome, genuine LOL shared between the cast.

    19. This windswept delight of the cast on set at night.

    20. This unforgettable photo of Olly and Nathaniel that should be hung up in the Louvre.

    21. This cheeky shot of the cast and crew during the house warming.

    22. This adorable photo of Callum, David and Omari.

    23. This arm-in-arm photo of besties Omari and Callum.

    24. This gorgeous BTS photo of the cast during the emotional funeral scene.

    25. This amazing snap of Omari and Keeley.

    26. This oh-so-wonderful shot of the entire Pink Palace family.

    27. And finally, this epic set of photos that prove, beyond all doubts, that this cast have made friendships for life.

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